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Autumn at Oz in Beech Mountain NC – Where Yellow Brick Meets the Road!

On the Yellow Brick Road at Autumn at Oz © Katrena
October transforms the palette of North Carolina's mountains into breathtaking views of splendorous colors. One of the favorite colors in Beech Mountain would have to be yellow. Nestled at the top of the ski lift meanders a yellow brick road.

Beech Mountain Land of Oz © Katrena
For those who love the book or movie of Dorothy and her many adventures with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion, you don't have to click your heels together to get a taste of the story. You can actually tour Dorothy's house and meet the many characters while strolling down a road that really has yellow bricks!

Fun Things to do in NC Mountains © Katrena
Open only on the first weekend of October, folks from all over have the opportunity to see Autumn at Oz. My kids like to call it the Land of Oz because they feel as if they are part of the story. An old amusement park, this has become a cherished yearly trek for many who wish to follow the path of wonder to the Wizard through a nice variety of photo opportunities.

Meet Dorothy at Autumn at Oz © Katrena
My daughters love to have their pictures taken with characters....well, some of them. My youngest one prefers the "nicest" characters like Toto (a real dog), Dorothy, Auntie Em, and maybe the carriage with the uniquely colored horse. My older two daughters were brave enough to joke with the Scarecrow, banter a bit with the Wicked Witch, and play along as the Flying Monkeys tried to block the road.

Uncle Henry from Land of Oz Near Boone © Katrena
My children had their first taste of Autumn at Oz in 2012, and they were begging to go again before the week was out. Yep - they really liked this one. I would suggest purchasing tickets ahead of time because they limit the number of visitors and also provide times to go up to the top of the mountain.

Fun Family Activities in October © Katrena
Entertainment, vendors, and some inflatable slides are provided for people who are waiting or those who have returned. You might hear some musicians picking on the porch at Dorothy's house – we heard them play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow!" The props are colorful and can make folks feel as if they have been transported to another place for the day.

Lions and Tigers and Bears and Maybe Fog or Cold Temps - Oh My! © Katrena
Be ready for any kind of weather. October in North Carolina may feel quite comfortable and warm, but it also might seem bone chilling without lots of warm layers. I'd carry the high heeled ruby slippers and wear some comfortable walking shoes for this trip. We ended up adding more and more layers because the temperature was dropping rapidly on the day we visited.

Meet Characters from Wizard of Oz © Katrena
I hear the view from the top is exquisite, but last year fog rolled in thicker than mashed potatoes and gravy as we rode the chair lift up. I think the fog added to the magical quality of the day while we searched for lions and tigers and bears and lots more. Folks who prefer may ride a bus to the top.

Wizard of Oz Movie Memorabilia © Katrena
The characters at Oz took the time to talk to visitors and many fondly spoke of working with this nostalgic wonderland for many years. They also have a museum packed with a variety of props, costumes, and all things Oz. At the end of the trail, they also have a building with a beautiful quilt and more costumes.

Meet the Wicked Witch of the West © Katrena

Perhaps there is no place like home, but I've also never found any place like Autumn at Oz on Beech Mountain! This travel destination is definitely on my kids "must do again" list. If you are interested in reading and seeing more about Autumn at Oz, I've also featured this one on my Travel NC With Kids blog.

Meet the Wizard of Oz in North Carolina © Katrena
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